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Anti-Microbial Ironmongery

Posted on: 15th June 2020

In the current environment of social distancing and increased cleaning and sanitisation practices, significant consideration should be given to the options for anti-microbial ironmongery as a first defence against bacteria and viruses.  When specified to high-touch ironmongery items such as pull handles, push plates, lever handles and turns, this provides a fool proof method of reducing harmful micro-organisms.  In fact, it reduces the dependence on individuals and provides a silent guardian working a 24-hour seven day a week shift to protect people against viruses, bacteria and mould organisms.  There are 2 main options of anti-microbial ironmongery as detailed below:-


Proclean Anti-Bacterial Coating

Used in many schools, hospitals and other institutions, Proclean is available as a ready applied invisible coating on all our products and once applied it presents no hazards to people or animals and goes on protecting for many years.

Proclean is made from titanium oxide which is a photocatalyst that exhibits strong oxidative properties when exposed to UV light enabling it to destroy bacteria, spores, viruses, mould, odours and pollutants. Safe and friendly to the environment, titanium is a natural and common material and is used in many other applications. The coating is applied in strictly controlled factory conditions to top quality door fittings and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

ProClean can be used to protect against a broad range of pathogens and is effective against MRSA, SARS, c. difficile, e.coli, as well as the much publicized swine flu.  It has been tested to EN13697:2001 – A stringent testing method for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. It is a quantitative nonporous surface test for the evaluation of bactericidal and/or fungicidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in the food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas.



Prostyle Antimicrobial Copper Range

The Prostyle Antimicrobial Copper range of ironmongery is specifically recommended for use in hospitals and other applications where the antimicrobial properties of copper are of paramount importance.

Studies have shown that copper alloy ironmongery can reduce harmful micro-organisms by up to 95% – often within two hours or less.  Several studies also found that if touch surfaces are made with copper-based alloys, the reduced transmission of disease-causing bacteria can reduce patient infections in hospitals by as much as 58%.  This results in any installation costs being recouped very quickly because of less infections, and therefore less demand on resources.

Lever Handle


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