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   111 Piccadilly

The challenge

With the aim of becoming one of the first Platinum Standard WELL certified coworking spaces in Europe, 111 Piccadilly was an inspiring project to be involved in. Set to achieve this accreditation in 2021, Manchester’s ‘most tech-enhanced workspace’ has been launched by Bruntwood following the building’s refurbishment.


Working closely with the architect, developer and contractor, Workspace, Merlin conducted multiple visits to ensure a fully suitable package was compiled. Detailed requirements were met to ensure all components contributed towards the Platinum Standard WELL accreditation.


Also known as the Rodwell Tower, 111 Piccadilly was built in 1966. The building sits across the Rochdale Canal next to Manchester Piccadilly station. In the 1960s part of the building became home to US Army personnel, and during the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, one of the floors in the building was turned into an entertainment venue. It is now innovative office spaces on all 18 floors.