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How to ensure that your ironmongery is DDA compliant

Part M? DDA? BS 8300?

Regulations are not very clear around the topic of accessibility requirements. However, when specifying elements such as doors, openings, lever handles, and ironmongery, it’s certainly a good idea to have a bit of background knowledge as to the governing legislation and BS 8300 standards.

DDA compliance is the way many people refer to accessibility regarding doors as from 2005 onwards, disabled access into buildings was covered by an Act called the Disability Discrimination Act 2005. 

However, access requirements and DDA Compliance now forms part of the Equality Act 2010, which incorporated (and thus repealed) the DDA. This means the term DDA is technically obsolete, however, it is still generally used to discuss accessibility requirements and making provision for disabled people.

Simplified, doors and the related access considerations around them now need to be specified to meet the requirements of Approved Document M of the Building Regulations, using products like our disabled toilet door handle that need to meet the codes of practice set out in BS 8300 of the Equality Act 2010.

Specifying ironmongery to meet Equality Act requirements

Aside from the opening DDA door width and the doors themselves, there are also certain factors that must be considered when specifying the ironmongery. Here’s a link to our quality standards and a guide for what you need to know:

Door Closers:

Door closers must be easy to push against with a maximum of 20 newtons of pressure. Our overhead door closers are known as adjustable spring power door closers since they feature a spring power adjustment nut, which allows the installer to change the tension of the spring.

Please have a look at our DDA-compliant door closer models below:

Indicators And Turns:

Standard indicators and turns often have a small turn knob, which makes it hard some people with disabilities to use. Therefore, our Prostyle Less Able Indicator and Turn, features a turn with a longer and thicker spindle, making it easier to flick up or down with a closed fist. 

Lever Handles:

Like indicators and turns, DDA compliant door lever handles should feature a ‘return to door’ handle, making it easier to open the door with a closed fist. Our Prostyle range also includes a Prostyle disabled facility lever set among other functional or elegant options.

Door Automation

Additionally, to make entryways easier for wheelchair users, door automation is a popular choice. To read more about this offering click below:

Ironmongery Supplier Manchester

Door Automation

Offering new access solutions with door automation We’re excited to announce that Merlin is now offering a full door automation service; either the supply and

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