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Key Suiting, Explained

Key suiting is important as it ensures total peace of mind for both residents of a building and its management team.

There are numerous benefits to using a master key system, including increased convenience, security, peace of mind and control.

Unlike a Keyed Alike system, whereby one key opens all of the locks, a Master Keyed System is traditionally a system in which the locks can all be operated with different keys as well as one single key, called the Grand Master Key.

There are three main different types of keys, each type giving different levels of access.

Grand Master Key

The highest level of access, opening all grand master, master and sub-key systems.

Sub Master Key

The medium level of access, opening the relevant sub-key systems.

Differ Key

The lowest level of access, opening only the individual door.

A key map is formed using the different type of keys mentioned above. Below is an example of the sort of map that we might put together for a client to review. 

In a university setting, Lecturers would have access to a sub key, which enables them access to a specific area.

The students would hold a differ key which would open their individual room accommodation.

Certain staff members, such as cleaners, may hold a master key – allowing access to the individual classrooms as well as cleaning cupboards and kitchens.

Those in higher, managerial positions may be given a grand master key, with access to every room within the campus block. Finally, a great grand master key will be given to a select few, with access to all areas within a university campus.

Issuing Master Keys

A careful consideration must be the distribution of master keys. With master keys also comes vulnerability and the more master keys, the less safe and secure a building is. Limiting the number of master keys in your system is vital to maintaining the security of your property since master keys have higher levels of access.

Master key security will further be improved by limiting the number of holders, and increasing the traceability of the system if a master key is misplaced or stolen.

When deciding who will be master or sub-master key holders, consider access levels by location and entry points.



System Design

The design process will result in the creation of a Master Key system for a building. The key system will ultimately determine how the users interact within the building; the process does therefore require a high level of participation from the building user group.

It is important that the design process is started early enough in the project to allow a reasonable time for consultation, manufacture, and installation.



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