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Our Door Packaging Service

Merlin’s free door packaging service is renowned for making our customer’s lives easier. 

If your job is in the office, our door packaging service means that there’ll be less last-minute additional orders to place as it’s much harder for items to go missing. 

If your job is on site then you’ll love this method too, its timesaving, hassle free qualities mean that the job can be done twice as fast! 

Here’s why our method is so accurate:


All of the ironmongery for the job is picked from a picking note, individually ticked off and laid out on a bench by a stores person.


Every item is then inspected for accuracy by another member of staff who is required to cross tick every single item and then sign on approval.


The entire order is then meticulously packaged into individual sets using an automatically generated spreadsheet which is linked into the picking note. Each set is then labelled up with its corresponding door number. If there are any items left over on the bench after the door packaging is completed, every package then has to be rechecked until the error has been identified. This creates a fool proof method of ensuring complete correctness.


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All products are then packaged into boxes by the original stores member and the contents of the individual boxes are also labelled on the outside.


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