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Sustainability Success Through Ensuring Energy- Efficient Ironmongery

With every inch of construction projects and architecture being scrutinised for improvement on sustainability and their impacts on the environment, it’s only natural that we should have a look at the very role door hardware plays in this quarter. 

Ensuring Minimal Waste on Site:

It’s essential to us, although often overlooked, that the quality of all our products ensures that we supply and specify mean that they’re an investment for years to come. Our products are handpicked for quality purposes and our main Prostyle range will undergo a Life Cycle Assessment before being released. This means we can accurately place guarantees on all of our products, for example – the door closer range has a guarantee of up to 25 years. The investments we make to ensure that the products go through all correct ISO 14001 proceedures, means that we can confidently present our ranges knowing that they’re going to last the test of time.

Sustainability of the Materials and Transport Used

When selecting manufacturers, it’s important to us that the materials are of solid quality, where possible, and are both recyclable and durable. Where plastics may be present, these are recyclable and biodegradable to ensure that their effect on the environment is not harmful. Moreover, the application of non-toxic lubricants and finishes contributes to better indoor air quality and reduces any harmful emissions.

Additionally, we’re aware of the impact that we have on the environment due to our methods of transport. We’ve selected to work with companies that can prove their commitment to sustainability, take a look at the Carbon Certificates here and here, also.

The impact of Choosing Energy-Efficient Door Hardware

Selecting door closers, locks and panic devices and many other ironmongery items, correctly can greatly impact the overall efficiency of a building. Energy conservation will increase if these items ensure that doors close securely and completely, minimising unnecessary energy loss. Ironmongery, with the building’s thermal envelope in mind, will reduce the heating and cooling demands. Therefore, an investment into quality ironmongery is a cost-saving exercise in the future, but benefits the environment during the product’s lifecycle.


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