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The Capabilities of Door Closers

While the choice of a door closer might seem a simple one, it’s a good idea to check over the capabilities to ensure that you’re making the most of the all important properties of one.

1. Adjustable closing speed

Adjust the speed at which your door closes to prevent potential injury and improve access.

2. Adjustable latch action

Improve your building’s security by controlling how fast your door closes for the last few inches to overcome any latch bolt resistance, ensuring it’s fully closed.

3. Delayed Action

Allow more convenient access in busy areas by adjusting the time delay of your door’s closing from maximum opening.

4. Back Check

The back check feature, which provides resistance when your door is opened with excessive force, prevents potential damage to your doors and walls and avoids costly repairs

5. Hold Open

Perfect for passageway doors and improved accessibility, the holdopen function allows your door to remain open at a set angle, usually 90 or 105 degrees. This function isn’t suitable for door closers fitted to fire doors.


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