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Choosing The Right Door Closer For Your Project

There are many options of door closers out there, but there’s a few variables to weigh up – one of the main factors is power size. 

To ensure a door closer is suitable for the door you are installing, refer to our easy guide below showing which door closer power sizes are suitable for which maximum door weights and door widths.  It’s critical to adhere to these guidelines to ensure that any fire rating of the door is maintained.

The power size of a door closer is often referred to with EN for example EN 2-4 would be a closers with variable power size between 2 and 4.

BS EN 1154 is the British-European standard for controlled overhead door closer devices and this specifies that only door closers of power size 3 or above are suitable for use on fire doors.

Hold open arms are sometimes available as an add on product for use with door closers however these are not suitable for use on fire doors.

Browse and download documentation from our Quality Standards page. 


20kg Max Door Weight 

750mm Max Door Width

40kg Max Door Weight

850mm Max Door Width

60kg Max Door Weight

950mm Max Door Width

80kg Max Door Weight

1100mm Max Door Width

100kg Max Door Weight

1250mm Max Door Width

120kg Max Door Weight

1400mm Max Door Width


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